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This achievement marks a new milestone for the development of the SoftSwiss brand. It is also related to the increasing generation and participation of encrypted gambling in general. In addition, the number of betting has also soared due to a huge growth of several newly launched SoftSwiss online casino platform brands operating under a Maltese White Label license. The milestone of 5 billion total euro bets comes ahead of schedule in the first quarter of SoftSwiss Game Aggregator strives to establish trusting relationships with game providers to enable customers to conduct the most effective promotional activities. The game aggregator solution continues to grow — in less than a year we will double the number of partners and we are now working closely with over game providers worldwide. SoftSwiss Game Aggregator provides a stable and secure all-in-one solution for iGaming customers. Game Aggregator offers over 11, games, with 3, of them fully optimized for encryption.

2. Regulatory requirements and limitations

The effect of the tax measure would be twofold. Secondly, the proposed tax measure is punitive and would, in Bavaria for example, result in online poker and slots being taxed at rates times higher than their retail equivalent land-based casinos and 15 times higher than slots in land-based amusement arcades. In light of these concerns, the EGBA urges members of the German parliament to reconsider the proposed tax measure when it is debated in the Bundestag in the coming weeks. Should the tax measure be adopted as proposed, EGBA will consider all options, including filing a próprio state aid complaint with the European Commission. The European Commission has previously determined that differentiated tax treatment between online and land-based casinos qualifies as a state aid under EU law. In that Danish case, the Commission concluded that a lower tax rate for online casino was justified by the overall consumer protection objectives of creating a regulated and safe online environment, in view of the inevitable competition with the unregulated online market. In Germany, the Bundesrat actually proposes the opposite: a much higher tax rate on online poker and slots compared to the land-based alternative, without any obvious consumer protection or other valid justification under EU state aid law. Source: GMB.

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