Internet of Things : IoT

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The challenge involved photogrammetry, cloth and soft body simulations, modelling and shading, to showcase a real process without revealing specific fabrication steps. It provides information and explanations on the EU institutions and operation, funds and funding programs, with particular attention to issues impacting Portugal. The content is dense with information, essays, and statistics, and is richly illustrated with exhibits, including charts and graphs and tables, plus hand-drawn illustrations. The design uses typographic hierarchy and color as organizing elements. Each of the eight booklets is designed using black and one distinctive Pantone color. The design, whenever possible, makes the most of the format where the compelling infographics and tables extend across the spreads in horizontal landscape orientation. Cedivet is a veterinary laboratory located in Porto, Portugal betting on the specialised team of dedicated laboratory analysts committed to obtaining and providing results of high reliability in the various areas of laboratory diagnostics.

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